History of St Mark's Anglican Church

St Mark's Anglican Church

Bonarlaw, Ontario

Anglican worship in the Bonarlaw community had its beginning in a school house on the 12th line, lot 13, concession 12. It was not long before that faith community began to dream about building a church and a meeting was held on April 10, 1882 in order to form a building committee. Land was donated by James McComb for the new church to be constructed on lot 14, concession 11 in the township of Rawdon. The structure was to be: 40 feet by 24 feet with a chancel 12 feet by 12 feet, a Vestry 8 feet by 8 feet and a porch entrance to the main building. The contractor was to be paid the grand sum of $195.00 with the building material to be furnished by the Church Board. Construction began on June 1, 1882 and the congregation was operated as a mission church supported by the Church of England. 

In 1904 the wardens were granted permission to purchase 1 1/2 acres of land (concession 11 lot 13, Rawdon Township) which included a dwelling which would serve as a Rectory . This meant that now St. Mark's owned a home for the clergyman so the Rawdon circuit was established which was.comprised of the congregations of St. Thomas ( 8th concession), St. Lawrence (4th concession) and St. Mark's (11th concession). After the closing of St. Lawrence Church the two congregations became part of the parish of St. Paul's, Marmora. 

In 1933 a new St. Mark's Church was constructed on highway 14 and as the old church was no longer needed as a place of worship that structure was later taken down and removed from the property. This church was built in the Revival Gothic style and the building features random - coursed ashlar walls, lancet arches over the window and door openings and a tower with a crenelated parapet. 

The original bell from old St. Mark's (Meneeley Bells, Troy, N.Y., 1899) was placed into the new church.

Events at St Paul's and St. Mark's

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